Once the channel is established, Navex provides its clients with a fully managed export solution. This includes:


We are fully insured to manage all air or sea shipping of your products and can manage all aspects of the export process including secure packaging, storage, customs requirements and tracking.

Financial Modelling and Forecasting

Achieving good operating profits is key to any good export business and we believe that providing you with full transparency of the supply chains margins, from us to the retailer, is important in helping you understanding your own margins. After all, you invested the time and money in building your brand so it’s right that you should achieve a fair amount of the rewards. We also work closely with the channel partners to provide you with regular stock counts and sales forecasts so you can effectively manage your own production and financial forecasting.

Translation and Overlabelling

Although there is a growing popularity of the English language throughout the world this does not eliminate the need for documentation, labelling and other written communications to be localised and translated to the target export market. Navex offers a foreign langauge translation service and can also provide facilities for the overlabelling of products to ensure they meet local legislation and, more importantly, make sense to the target consumer.

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